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Law of Attraction
• What Is the Law of Attraction?

By Marie C. Barrett

We can always learn more about how to use the Law of Attraction. Have you heard of or watched the movie, The Secret, yet? An extraordinary movie, was it not? But the Law of Attraction goes way beyond what the creators of The Secret were able to address within the time constraints to which they had to adhere in the movie. To its credit, the movie sparked a new light within the minds of millions, a spark of possibility and personal power.

Creative and joyful living based on the universal Law of Attraction is possible for everyone to manifest. Implementing the Law of Attraction means actually integrating spirituality into our thoughts, words, actions and aspirations in our daily life. From this spiritual perspective, everything is possible.

An understanding of this Law of Attraction is essential if you really want to live your life in the most effective and purposeful way. The Law of Attraction is always working, whether you believe it or not. Whatever you think about and focus on, you energize with your emotions, thus setting in motion this universal law. What you focus on becomes your reality. 

Learn the Law of AttractionWealth creation through the Law of Attraction 

If you focus on what you don’t want, you give energy to that and it will come into your experience. On the other hand, if you focus on what you do want, you will inevitably attract that into your experience. So choose the good things in life and attract happiness and success. Focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want, because either way, you will attract it.

“When you mentally unite yourself with a thing which you desire, you will receive that thing; and when you mentally unite yourself with a thing which you do not desire, you will receive that thing.” - Wallace D. Wattles.

We create what we think about most. Choose carefully what you think about and focus on because your life is an expression of your mind and energy flows where attention goes.

"You are the creator of your own universe
For as a human being, you are free to will
Whatever state of being you desire
Through the use of your thoughts and words."
– ‘Time’ by Dave Clark.

Our thoughts and beliefs are creative. Maintain your positive, empowering focus and give your full enthusiastic attention to what you want to manifest. In moments of inspiration, when the vibration of your inner spirit aligns with what you want to create, you set in motion the Law of Attraction and what you desire will come to you.

When you have an idea that feels wonderful, that makes your heart sing, it becomes a vibrational match with your energy, and in vibrational harmony with your inner spirit. This is the beginning of attracting what you want.

You know when you are attracting something good because you feel excited, happy and confident. This force field of resonance you build up around yourself is your attractor factor; it is this energy that attracts success. When you feel enthusiastic and joyful, that is the universal Life Force flowing freely through you. This is following your bliss and is magnificently creative.

Backed by your intense desire and enthusiastic focus, what you desire will eventually manifest for you according to the Law of Attraction.  Energy set in motion through your thoughts must eventually densify into physical manifestation for you. Humans share this wonderful creative capability with the ultimate supreme creator, with the Life Force energy flowing through each of us.

It is the very same life force, creative energy of the supreme creator that creates through us, the only difference being one of degree. The intensity of the creative power is the same in essence, just diluted, if you like, to a manageable size for us to cope with in our present state. It is fuel for the Law of Attraction to work in our lives, and this creative power is an amazing indication of the infinite potential we each hold within our heart.

Open your heart and your mind to the infinite possibilities of what is in store not only for yourself, but for the whole of humanity. Our future will be what we make it, and the only way I can change the world is to make little changes within myself. If we all start changing ourselves for the better, day by day, the wonderful future of our world is assured.



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